Tuesday, June 19, 2012

On Being a Girl Dad-6

I couldn't have had a better Father's Day.  I had my favorite breakfast of banana pancakes, veggie sausage, eggs, strawberries with cream and orange juice and I watched my daughters help their mother prepare everything.  My cards were wonderful. My daughter, Azure, thanked me for being patient with her, for coming to her games and for saying, "Do I have to come up to that school and whip some A$$" whenever someone makes her cry.  I laughed when I read that.  What I like is that she appreciates being protected.  Other than wanting my girls to feel loved, I want them to feel safe.  We spent the rest of our day walking along the ocean and hugging one another.  It was the best Father's Day ever.


  1. Antwone, I find something to love and appreciate every time I read your words. I am a mother, grandmother, professor, psychologist, wife... and before any of those things, I was and ever will be a DAUGHTER. I am my father's daughter... a true daddy's girl. I adore my sweet, wonderful father. He's 91 now (still works full time!) and like you, has always been our loving, solid Daddy. We children always knew we were absolutely loved and cherished by our parents. We were - and still are - as lucky as your beautiful girls!

    Your girls are fortunate, indeed. They are rock-solid in your love and they KNOW that Mom and Dad love them without limits. And in today's world, too many children only have a mom in their daily lives… and as you well know, some have no parent to love them.

    Having a loving father like YOU paints your girls’ hearts in the most sublime hues. You will ever be their beloved daddy. Take it from one who knows.

    With much love and appreciation,

    Alice Clearman Fusco - my own daddy's girl

  2. Alice, you have made my day. Thank you for sharing your story about your father. It means a great deal to me.


  3. Oh, good! Indeed, YOU are an inspiration. You are just so absolutely beautiful. I cannot read your poetry without weeping. If every father - every man - was just like YOU we would have very few problems. I am profoundly grateful for you. Just the way you are.