Wednesday, June 13, 2012

On Being a Girl Dad-3

My daughter, Azure, is a cookie monster.  She will eat anything sweet and sticky and gooey.  We have to hide cookies where we think she won't look and my wife limits what we buy for sweet snacks.  One night when she was about seven years old, I went up to tuck Azure in bed. It was a cold night and asked, "Are you wearing an undershirt with your pajamas? Azure didn't answer.  She had this impish grin on her face and she said nothing. On instinct,  I lifted her rim of her pajama top to reveal a Snicker bar that was taped to her tummy.  When I asked her why she had done this she replied, "Because I want to have candy bar dreams."  I removed the candy bar from the wrapper and re-taped the wrapper to her tummy, then said "Good night."

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