Saturday, June 23, 2012

If You Are a Writer, Write.

I resisted the idea of owning a tablet. I don't think I would ever read a book on one because I like the feel of real pages and the smell of real paper when I read, but I couldn't think of any other reason to own a tablet unless I wanted to watch a movie while traveling. I do have access to movies through other electronic media, so I couldn't see the point.  Then, on Father's Day, after hinting around that I would like to have the Big Kahuna beach chair like the one we bought my wife for Mother's Day, I was shocked to open my gift, only to find an iPad with all the accessories.  I said, "I feel like I'm dreaming."  I kept repeating it over and over again, while my daughters cheered and jumped around.  I had to admit, I was really happy about it.
This morning, I really wanted to work, but it's Saturday and I wanted to stay in bed as well. It was so early, around 6 a.m. and everyone else was asleep.  I listened to the notes from my meeting with the development executive working on my project and I pulled out my iPad and I started to write.  It was quiet and the peaceful and I was still feeling the warmth of my bed.  Several hours later, I had done nearly all the notes and I was ready to dress, have breakfast and start round two of writing.  I transferred all my work to the big computer and I continued writing away.
I always advise writers that in order to avoid writer's block, you have to stay with your project at all times.  You have to write when the spirit hits you and you have to write even when it doesn't. It's like exercise (not that I do that every day), but you must write with a regularity that becomes second nature to who you are.

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