Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Importance of Career Day

I love Career Day events at high schools. I love the idea of telling students about the kinds of jobs they might not know exist. Of course, becoming a doctor, or lawyer or fire fighter are all admirable jobs, but when a professional describes that she is a plastic surgeon or that he is an entertainment attorney or that he investigates how a fire starts, it's a far more interesting and rewarding event for the students to hear.

On Friday, I attended Career Day at a local high school.  We had limited time and I wanted to tell the students of the various careers I've had: United States Navy  Sailor, Federal Correctional Officer in a federal prison, Security Guard on the Sony movie studio lot, Screenwriter, Poet, Author, Director, Lecturer, College Professor.  I wanted to tell them that all the jobs a person can have trains them for the job they will eventually have.  As a writer, I use all the experiences I have and save them for things I may write about.  When I am writing a particularly sad story, I draw from my youth.  When I am writing about a joyful time, I draw from my days in the Navy and the great feelings I get from the family I have now.

I pay attention to the things that others say to me and I use their emotions and characteristics as well.  All all the things I write help me with lectures and directing actors.  I've learned about safety and firefighting from the Navy and I learned to plan events and cut hair, as I did while a barber in the Navy. I loved sharing all of this with the students.

I encourage everyone to share what they do with others.  So many young people are trying to figure out what is available to them.  The world is changing and jobs are changing.  Help young people discover how they can create a rewarding career for themselves.

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