Friday, June 15, 2012

On Being a Girl Dad-4

My wife has had a standing Friday morning hair appoint since we married.  On one particular Friday, my oldest daughter, then about four years old, wanted to play dolls, but Mommy wasn't home.  She had one of the African American Barbie dolls and the Steven doll and a host of clothing and shoes and cars.  She just didn't have any friends to play with her.  She came to me and said, "There are no friends here."  She looked so sad holding  a very fashionably dressed Vida (as in Vida Loca) and her boyfriend doll, Steve.  I shut down my computer and grabbed Steve and went up to play.  Steven and Vida drove the red Corvette convertible to the beach where he proposed to Vida.  Vida was young and not really ready for marriage and the two argued about her career and she told Steve she had to finish getting her Masters degree and travel quite a bit before she would consider marrying him.  Steve, who was in touch with his feminine side, agreed that Vida should see the world and date a few other guys and then consider his proposal. That day, I learned that lectures aren't always appropriate teaching methods.  Sometimes, just playing dolls can get a father's point across.

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