Tuesday, February 21, 2012

We've Moved to The Stage

Last night, as the country celebrated our past Presidents, we continued with the rehearsals for the play.  I was anxious to get to UCLA because it was the night we were to move from the rehearsal room to the actual stage in Macgowan Hall where the play will take place.

I had seen and approved the model for the design that Eunnym Cho, the set designer designed with such care and I popped in to see the builders constructing it, but when I walked into the theater, the set was more like a sculpture that was specifically created for this medium, Antwone Fisher: a play.  Donny Jackson, the lighting designer and his crew were there putting up lights and they were excited to see my exhilaration. I could hardly contain my excitement and I turned to Eunnym and started thanking her for her time and consideration on the project.  They are all helping to create this majestic set.  We are all working together to bring this story to the live theater.  Eunnym and Donny were equally excited. The guys who built the set were happy for me and they gave me such a nice tour and showed me all that had been done.  Such care.

It's an honor that the graduate students and the UCLA employees are excited about helping me tell this story. I don't have to bear the weight of telling it alone.  Each department is an equally important part of the story- the lighting, the set, the costumes, the sound, the make-up, the writing and the acting-  all tell the story.  I can't wait for people to see it.

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