Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Be Patient When Writing

I have the story in my head and I want to get it out on paper.  "Just tell the story," I tell myself, but there is virtue in allowing the story to simmer a bit before writing.  Constantly, I am thinking of the next word or phrase in the story, but I have to allow the right words to come to me.  So, sometimes, being patient and taking a break helps the right words to flow freely.

I've also noticed that changing my inspiration helps with the writing.  For example, for a long time, I sat in the same park writing and it worked, but I had to change locations, find something new to look at while I'm day dreaming.  There are times when I take a chair to the beach and I sit, watch the ocean waves and write.  I change the music that's on my iPod or in my car. I might call an old friend who always makes me feel a certain way.  I may go to a baseball field and watch the athletes play even if I don't know any of the players.  I watch them because they love the game.  That love and passion translates into inspiration for me.

So, be patient and allow the words to flow.

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  1. Very helpful and an inspiration in it's own right. I write poetry and have for about two decades. I don't think they're that great however I am very proud of them because they tell my story.