Sunday, July 22, 2012

Preparing to Write

Oftentimes, when people write to me, they want to know what my writing process is because they have an interest in writing as well.  Writing is a solitary job, but it is a process.  Sometimes, like today, I begin with a morning stretch and a bottle of water.  That clears my mind and allows the creativity to flow.  Then, I just sit and think of a while.  I think about what I am going to write for the day. It could be dialogue or creating a scene that will follow with dialogue.  Recently, I read that Ernest Hemingway would pride himself on creating one great sentence.  I read that Lisa See aims for 1000 words per day.  I suppose I just want to finish what I promised I write for the day.  If it's one scene, that's okay as long as the scene is good.

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