Thursday, July 19, 2012

On Writing

It's so easy to get distracted from writing in the summer.  The weather is perfect, the kids are out of school and wanting to hang out.  I want to be outdoors, too.  So, I take my work outside.  While the kids are turning cartwheels or reading in the park, I find a quiet place in the shade and I write.  Every thirty minutes or so, I stretch my legs, throw the Frisbee, then I go back to writing.  Sometimes I write on a legal pad and other times I use my iPad and email the work to my desktop, but either way, I get the words out and I am inspired by nature and best of all, I get to be with my family.

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  1. Happy birthday, Mr. Fisher from One Church, One Child. May your day be filled with family, fun and fellowship with those you love and love you.