Thursday, May 31, 2012


After relaxing wonderfully in the sun and on the beach during the Memorial Day weekend, I remembered that one of the most important things a writer can do isn't writing; it's networking to make sure the writer's work is being read by someone who can move the project forward.  I had two really good meetings this week regarding three projects and it was the idea of sitting down for coffee and talking with one person and taking a walk with another that gives me the comfort of knowing the working is moving forward.

We can all have great ideas and we can all possibly write an interesting story, but if no one knows about it, the work will not be produced.

So, write notes, email, invite people to coffee (or tea), share articles and stories, meet people at the gym.  Do whatever it takes to get your work into the right hands.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Needing Inspiration

Usually, I am working on more than one project at a time with the hope that at least one of the projects might get produced.  Currently, I am writing something that I think is really good, but it's the kind of story you can't pitch because far too often, people can't see the vision of the story unless it's already written.  Fair enough, so I just keep writing.  I've hit a block in the road and I need a bit of inspiration.  When I have a hard time writing, I turn to many a muse, but today's inspiration comes from good writing.  I turned to the pages of James Baldwin, a master of description and character development, and I read his words and found my way.  Thank you, Mr. Baldwin and his compelling story, If Beale Street Could Talk.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

On Raising a Teenaged Daughter

The most interesting thing about having a teenage daughter is teaching her all the things I never had a chance to learn as a teen.  My daughter, Indigo, loves wearing oxford shoes.  She has a few colors and she wears one of the pairs every day.  In order to keep the shoes looking nice, I had to explain to Indigo about getting taps placed on her shoes because she started to wear down the heel.  Then, I had to teach her how to shine her shoes.  I wish someone had done the same for me when I was young, but I had to learn in the Navy.  Watching Indigo buff and shine her shoes brings the biggest smile to my face.